“Peter – you’ve written a very good book – probably better than if you had opted for the 500 page version. The advice on page 19 should be read by all investors.”

Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway


Money Magazines Book of the Month for March 2013

“an insightful perspective to some of the more opaque profundities of portfolio selection and management.”

David Haselhurst


“Just a quick note to say that I read your Little Green Book on my iPad last month and found it truly wonderful. You crystalised so many of my existing thoughts about investing but also made me consider a host of new angles too….It is fantastically well-written too, which is no doubt testament to the depth of your knowledge on the subject – I flew through it. Many congratulations. I shall be recommending your work far and wide!”

Ben Chu, Economics Editor for the Independent, UK


“This little green book by Peter Harper packs considerable expertise, a lot of wisdom and a great deal of humour into a subject that concerns more of us every year, particularly since the crisis that occurred  in global financial markets some four years ago.

With endless patience and unfailing good humour, he steers us away from the black boxes and magic potions that all too often litter the advisory landscape. He offers a beguiling mix of commonsense and sophisticated technical analysis in his garden setting, and it works.

It works for me because he writes well and in simple terms, but is never simplistic in his approach to the task we have set ourselves.

I commend it wholeheartedly, not just to my fellow superannuants but also to those who have to manage investments in not-for-profits and small businesses without ready access to the skills and knowledge that Peter displays so well”.

Neil Conn AO, PhD (Duke), MEc (Syd)