PrologueAlmost two years to the day after my wife put the idea of writing the first edition of The Little Green Book into my head as we strolled around the old Imperial Palace grounds in Nara, Japan, I commenced work on an update.

The timing of this update was not planned, it just happened that way.

In the epilogue to the first edition in 2012, I noted that I had already thought of five more topics that I might have added to that edition.

In the intervening period, I have revisited the book on several occasions to ponder whether or not it would benefit from any additions or changes. A number of colleagues and purchasers of the book have made helpful and thoughtful suggestions along the

There is always the temptation to make something larger just for the sake of it. I
have attempted to resist such a temptation to make sure that the key messages are not diluted.

That said, after much thought, I have decided to add two new snippets to this
second edition, shown as Chapters 8 and 9; the first dealing with international investing, the other with the issue of the relationship between current and future yield in an investment portfolio.

Charts and Tables have been updated where necessary, and outcomes revisited in the light of these updated data to see if any key conclusions made in the original edition needed review or changing.

They didn’t.


Peter Harper
Executive Chairman and Director (2014)
Harper Bernays Limited